Scream (2022 Movie)

I saw Scream (2022) today, and I absolutely LOVED IT!

It have all the feels of the original film.

I loved the mixture of horror, suspense, and humor.

I definitely recommend everybody to see it in theaters.

I give it a grade of an A-.


It must be at least decent horror movies rarely score a 75% on rotten tomatoes. Will check it out thanks

  1. wouldn’t go to a theater
  2. would never place images and hellish things in my brain. Life is difficult enough as it.
  3. but enjoy it if it’s your thing

I understand, but humor can make fun of stupidity and laughing can be good. (I haven’t seen it) I will watch it when it makes the endless rounds on cable and if I laugh it’s okay.

I like comedy. My mistake . I thought he said it was a horror movie.

Parody of horror slasher movies and camp-ness.
Let;s see if these producers lost their sense of humor.

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The Scream series is a satirical take on the old slasher genre that was big on the 80s.

Which looking back… all those old slasher flicks were unintentionally parodying theirselves haha.

It’s both.