SCOTUS rejects NC legislatures gerrymandering

A cold hard no to NC.

The usual suspects back gerrymandering (alito, gorsuch and Thomas)
But Barrett and kavanugh deliver the goods for the Democrat map.


Awesome that NY and Maryland are still gerrymandered by democrats… yet not a peep. Not surprised.

It’s kinda awesome how democrats can gerrymander and keep their maps, but republicans can’t.


You know, it’s "D"ifferent


Pennsylvania got the muddy end of the partisan map stick also.

Makes winning when the refs are against you all that much sweeter.

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Why did Kavanaugh and Barret vote like they did? May want to look into that.

Let me know when Democrats fight it when the new districts safeguard Democrat districts. Until then it just highlights the hypocrisy of Democrats.

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Wait. Are you saying Kavanaugh and Barret are Dems? Why would they vote with the liberals in the NC case?

I wish the same standard was applied to NY and MD. But it won’t. Dems have a clear cut advantage in those states now and they won’t change. There won’t be any republicans in MD even though they’re a third of the state. Exactly what the Dems want and will get.

Congrats. You guys are winning and have won.


Wow you got THAT from what I wrote??
Typical attempt at changing the narrative, pathetic.

Here let me break it down Barney style:

When Dems fight how as Mountain_Soldier stated NY and MD which are heavily gerrymandered to benefit Democrats THEN you can cry about Republican states. Until then, I don’t want to hear it.

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Did republicans sue to get them invalidated like the dems did in these cases.

The dems seem to be on the ball in gerrymandering cases.

The republicans seem to be totally confused.

If you see something wrong, bring a lawsuit.

The dems seem to know what to do.

Why can’t the republicans do the same.


SCOTUS basically washing their hands of gerrymandering cases.


The dems have a lawyer and people dedicated to these redistricting cases

The republicans don’t.


Here’s the Pennsylvania case.


You should know the court said it is perfectly legal to gerrymander for political purposes. Knowing that, one might wonder why Kavanaugh and Barrett ruled against the NC gerrymander because partisan political party could not be their reason. Aren’t you curious?

Sure am.

The justices provided no explanation for their actions, as is common in emergency applications on what is known as the “shadow docket.”

From USA Today.

They did. But they were kicked back to the state which is super-majority Dems. Dems won’t change it. At least for MD.

Congrats, you guys won and nothing will change in MD. They will have zero Republican representation in a state that’s a third Republican.

Let’s hear some cheering! This is exactly what you want, right? Eliminate the enemies?


In the North Carolina case, the Supreme Court of the state asked the Republican legislature leader for a new map, but it was more of the same. So they reached out to special masters and they created the map.

Guess the Maryland Supreme Court doesn’t have the balls that NC has.


All liberal judges. Of course they don’t have the balls.


It’s just Maryland.

Jersey has liberal judges and they have balls to overcome the status quo.

It’s all about governance.

Maryland sucks and always has.

Even a Republican Governor can’t overcome incompetence.


That’s what I’m saying. Dems don’t give a ■■■■ about gerrymandering when it’s their own doing it. Republicans are off the map in Maryland. It won’t change. Because democrats and liberals are ■■■■■■■ hypocrites. All of them.