SCOTUS expected to rule on Trump tax case tomorrow

It’ll be interesting. Trump himself isn’t subpoenaed here, it’s his banks

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is expected to rule Thursday on whether Congress and the Manhattan district attorney can see President Donald Trump’s taxes and other financial records that the president has fought hard to keep private.

The high-stakes dispute tests the balance of power between the White House and Congress, as well as Trump’s claim that he can’t be investigated while he holds office.

It’s not clear, even if Trump loses, how much of the material would become public, since some records would go to a confidential grand-jury investigation in New York and the rest, sought by committees of the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, could contain highly sensitive information not just about Trump, but also about other members of his family and businesses.

We’ll know which way it goes once trump starts rage tweeting tonight.

Wait, Trump still hasn’t released his tax records?


Why, presidents get SCOTUS rulings the night before ? Like a sneak preview before every audience sees it ?

if this doesnt work theres always impeachment over ■■■■■■■■ again

This doesn’t have the quote where he claimed he’s being audited because he’s a “strong Christian”

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Hmm. :thinking:

Qouted 15 times in that video that he would release his tax returns.

And if that doesn’t work, maybe they’ll even try to nominate a candidate to unseat him in the November election :man_shrugging:

Serious question, if trump’s taxes clearly show that he laundered money, would you still vote for him?

how do you know i was going to vote for him in the first place?

Let me rephrase it, if trump’s taxes clearly show that he laundered money, will you vote for him?

My apologies for the previous assumption.

if trump ever did anything illegal with his taxes you can bet it would have been known by now

But let’s say he did and somehow it wasn’t found till now. Does he have your vote ?


you mean…

“if the idiot democrats and their activist press accomplices can make it look like he did will you still vote despite…?”

No, if he actually did and you are convinced that he’s guilty. Does he have your vote ?

Not exactly, but they will often give the White House and Congress a heads up before the public announcement so they can get their ■■■■ together for the response.

Ah. Before it seemed like they knew about it at the same time everyone knew

Of course Trump has tweeted about reports he wasn’t supposed to have yet before, so maybe not.

Uh. . .how?