SCOTUS Does It Again

By not taking the appeals, the nation’s highest court let stand a series of lower court rulings that prohibited people convicted of driving under the influence, making false statements on tax returns and selling counterfeit cassette tapes from owning a gun.

Selling counterfeit cassette tapes. Are you kidding?

They know what they have to rule, so they refuse to hear. What a country.



Avoiding a packing.

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56 high profile shootings. Timing.

Media probably coverage probably has something to do with it. I wouldn’t call them “high profile”.

Refusal for fear of repercussions. So much for checks and balances.


3, 4 dead at a whack. Going to be high profile.

Anti prohibition advocates have to make their case in an unfavorable environment, because of it.

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I actually think all rights should be restored after restitution has been paid. This includes 2A.

I actually don’t care if you are violent or non violent.


Generally agree; what about abusers, all the same?

I agree. But remember this. You’re agreeing with a known racist. :sunglasses:

And yes I’m busting your ass.

I do not care… if you served your time, why should it matter?

If you don’t want violent offenders to get their rights back, don’t release them. (Which could be an interesting side effect of restoring rights to felons)


Depends on who it is and how slow the news day is.

DV convictions usually have conditions which adhere regardless of imprisonment. As most laws are written, losing the weapon is part of the ongoing ‘restitution’.

There doesn’t need to be a blanket ban via the legislature, a judge can determine by the individual case if a lifetime restriction should be a written part of the sentencing or not.

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I have no problem agreeing with a racist on some things. I live in the grey :wink:

Kind of have to, if you want to vote for Biden.

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It’s still working the refs, complaining about the corporate press, and you only try it if you already won before you try. And that means making the hard choice to abandon the law’n’order thing forever. Can’t position as for the people if the other half of your daily mantra is ‘guys with guns get to rule everyone but me and mine’.

The model y’all should be following is the weed lobby. High Times paved the path.

To me this highlights why Dems need to back away from the court-packing abyss. Their wild fears about what the conservative court is going to do are mostly fever dreams.

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You might have a point if they ever ruled.