Scott Peterson Gets LWP

Seems fair enough:

I suspect he is guilty as charged. Regardless, he is entitled to a fair trial, and, in a woman juror in restraining order proceedings for domestic violence not disclosing this information, it appears he didn’t get it.

Loss of access to the free world and natural death behind bars, IMO, is payment for acts most likely committed by him. Unlikely, but if it’s somehow discovered someone else is responsible, he can be released alive rather than in a casket.

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if he killed a woman and her baby, no, it’s not fair

This new special i saw about six months really called his guilt into his question. Basically it claimed that no physical evidence was ever presented against him.

He was entitled to a fair trial.

A juror failing to disclose information that could have been prejudicial possibly made it a biased event.

Am mostly anti death penalty anyway. Losing no sleep over LWP.

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He got a fair trial (this time ) I am anti death penalty. He was resentenced to life in prison. I am good with that.

The original jurist screwed up. To bad we can’t bill her for court costs.

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I sometimes watch the cartoon channel, too… if you find a conspiracy on the internet, close the hood on your laptop. ,:joy::joy::joy:

We can discuss the merits of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth later. I like an arrogant **** spending the rest of his life in a cell

Maybe the innocent project will find something overlooked. But, I doubt it.

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but this isnt about vengeance. it’s about affirming the value of a human life.

I believe that was on 20/20 special earlier this year

We can’t be handing down a death penalty on circumstantial evidence.

I did affirm that I am anti death penalty. Human life is considered.

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did he do it or not?

Or on a trial with a tainted jury:

This woman outright lied in responding no to this questionnaire. She had been, per another source, in restraining order proceeding.

Is there physical evidence that he did ?

Here’s the physical evidence:

i’m still waiting for an answer to my question

Probably. I’m not willing to execute someone on “probably”.


Virtually none.

he got life without parole on a “probably?”

if it’s good enough for LWP it’s good enough for life

the best vengeance for this subhuman pos is prison where he’ll be brutalized there the whole time

but it doesnt say much about how the culture values life