Scotland move toward second vote for Indepedence after Briexit

Scotland is moving toward a possible second vote on the question on Independence from Great Britain.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Scotland is already taking steps to hold a referendum on independence and believes it is a matter of when rather than if the country separates from the rest of Britain, Scotland’s First Minister said on Monday.

What are your thoughts?

It was only a matter of time before Ireland and Scotland left the union they greatly disagree with England.

Boris Johnson is likely to preside over the dissolution of Great Britain.


it would be jokes if Wales left too.

So you feel the vote will pass?

Maybe Scotland could join Ireland. That’d be funny. They’d get instant EU membership. But what of North Sea oil and Scapa Flow and deep fried heroin?

It almost passed last time and relation have only gotten worse since then.

Its also funny because brios and co are unionists.

Sinn Fein is already pushing for a border poll in Northern Ireland, now that Stormont is back up and running and they’re going to be a part of any governing coalition in the Republic. Hoping for 2022, the centennial of the establishment of the Irish Free State, apparently.

And what do you think will happen to Scotland os it does?

No clue but they have the right to leave at anytime

Well they’re literally the Conservative and Unionist Party.

Ok, but if they do, what will happen? Will Scotland survive as a country? Flourish?

They will likely be fine if they can keep trade open they are not at risk of civil unrest or invasion.

What do they need to do to “keep trade open”?

because trade is the cornerstone to every economy unless your North Korea.

Agreed, but that’s not what I asked you.

Are you referring to the referendum in Scotland a few years back, which almost passed, or was there one in Wales?

I agree, I’d like to know what he thinks on that too, & hope he answers your question…