Scientists: Omicron likely came from mice

I love that fallback to excuse the utter insane fail that Pizzagate was and the fact that one of the main dudes who pushed that nonsense into the world is still listened to … because… I don’t know… some people have the memories of goldfish… or more likely they don’t care about the lie as long as thhe lies are directed towards their political enemies.

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Animal reservoir? Imagine that…

Sounds like anything that easily infects the lungs of mice also easily infects the lungs of humans.


Actually what infects mice infects the noses of humans.

A key difference with Omicron is that it infects the nose much better than Delta, but does not do much with the lungs. The results are cold symptoms instead of serious lung infections.

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Of course nose infections also can travel to the throat, ears finally the lungs. So a superior bio weapon will easily infect nasal passages and spread quickly to the rest of the body after infection.

Last I checked Omicron multiplies seventy times faster in bronchial tubes and ten times slower in lung tissue compared to Delta.


Hence why it is a less sever infection.

Oh and if you heard about Deltacron, that is apparently just a contaminated sample they say now.

Amazing, reporting before confirmation.

Becoming SOP with this mess.

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