Science and Technology forum

I’m thinking that might be interesting forum.

Also I want to say…job well done.

Both thumbs up for the forum. :wink:


could be an interesting sub forum.

but would we not get into such things as CO2 effects on the climate?
You know how those threads would go.

one thing we saw on the old board was we had a bunch of subforums but not enough posters to support them all (so the ones like Economy, etc were ghost towns). i thought a really smart move by the mods was to consolidate a ton of stuff into Politics (it got interest and posting going again and didn’t leave stray Threads sitting in forums that no one visited).

this place might be different though. it remains to be seen.

Layout of this forum is lot different then other one. Depending on what’s trending will get the clicks. and thus bumped to top.

Yeah, you could be right.

This board you can set the main screen to show threads of all categories . . . so in theory nothing gets sent to the waistland. Unless the user changes it so they only see politics and politics subs

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That’s why I like it, if it’s trending and getting attention then it doesn’t get lost in some back forum.

Technology forum? Conservatives will avoid it like the plague! :wink:

Please put your ideas in writing, triplicate carbon copy. You keep the canary for your files. wink

Maybe a subforum of the lounge? Or maybe it’s closely enough linked to economic issues?

I’ve noticed when I want to just see the Politics Forum / Category it will show me Politics and Second Amendment. Then if I just want Politics it’s a few more clicks to filter out the Second Amendment forum.

Not a huge deal for me. But I can see where having lots of subfolders could be confusing to some. For example clicking on Lounge would give you Lounge and Technology.

Just spitballin.

Either way I love Science and Technology, lots of time I wanted to post stuff about it on other forum but no one would see it.

The way with this forum works if it trending it will show up with other threads.

I personally think this forum will help other discussion because of this instead of just politics.

And yes libs…this conservative drop out loves Science and Technology.

So put that into your pipe and smoke it. :alien:

On side note I was going through the smilies and noticed a middle finger.

Might want to edit that if you can. LOL.

Good catch. Don’t know that we can edit smilies though.

why is that?
I got more than a handful of patent grants last year.

What technology advances did you contribute to?

Most patents aren’t worth a crap.

Science and Technology would also be my preferred forum of choice these days.

What field?

Count me in…

a particular branch of aerospace.

Under economy