SCHUMER: ‘There is No Presumption of Innocence’ for Supreme Court Nominees | Sean Hannity

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer raised eyebrows throughout the nation’s capital this week; saying there’s “no presumption of innocence or guilt” when appearing before the United States Senate.

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This is a disgraceful comment coming from a sitting Senator who took an oath to defend the constitution of the United States. The Presumption of Innocence is the foundation of our democracy. It is people like Schumer who with their mud slinging, WITCH BURNING, PUBLIC LYNCHING tactics that make every American citizen cringe. I am truly ashamed of what my country has become. Who the hell wants to live in a country that rips apart a mans life, threatens his wife and children, destroys his chance of ever having a normal life again. Chuck Schumer’s phones should be ringing off the hook at work and at home. The hypocrisy of the democrat party is disgusting. I hope Americans are watching this and stand up to fight for their freedom. Call these people out

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Welcome to the new normal my friend… Democracy eroding right before our very eyes and some are even cheering it on.

So what’s he on trial for?