SCHUMER’S NIGHTMARE: Democratic Senator Says He MAY BACK TRUMP in 2020

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Centrist Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia broke with his party’s leadership this week, saying he “regrets” supporting Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election and may support President Trump in 2020.

Manchin was speaking with Politico when he was asked to comment on Clinton’s electoral disaster, saying “It (endorsing her) was a mistake. It was a mistake politically.”

“Is this about me? Or trying to help a part of my state that’s never recovered and is having a tough time?” he added.

“I’m open to supporting the person who I think is best for my country and my state,” Manchin said. “If [Trump’s] policies are best, I’ll be right there.”

Sen. Manchin faces an uphill battle in the ruby red state of West Virginia in 2018, and is seen as a potential gain for Republicans should the legislator fail to secure his re-election.

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Don’t believe him. He will say another to maintain his seat.

After the election he will vote lock step with radical left-wing extremist that makes up the democrat party.