SCHUMER MELTDOWN: Chuck Tells Trump 'You're Not a King' so 'ACT LIKE IT'

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer continued his anti-Trump meltdown Tuesday, saying the United States is not a “monarchy” and the President is “not a king” after Trump vowed to fight back against the special counsel’s probe.

Schumer was addressing his colleagues from the Senate floor when he slammed the Commander-in-Chief for “attempting to stop the Russian probe” as the never-ending investigation entered its second year.

“Despite what the president and his allies may feel about his authority or his absolution from legal repercussions, the Constitution and the founding principles of our country tell us he’s dead wrong,” said the Minority Leader. “Mr. President, President Trump — we are not a monarchy. You are not a king. We are a constitutional democracy, so act like it.”

Watch Schumer’s comments above.