SCHUMER MELTDOWN: Chuck Schumer SLAMS Trump for Prisoner Release

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer bizarrely attacked the Trump administration Wednesday over the successful release of three American prisoners held by North Korea; suggesting the hostages were used as “bargaining chips.”

Schumer offered his scathing critique just hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo left the Korean peninsula with the three prisoners by his side; saying “No regime has the right to hold American citizens in captivity without cause, and under no circumstances should American citizens be viewed as bargaining chips.”

"If countries in the world think they can detain Americans and get something in return, we’ll see many more hostages,” he added.

The liberal legislator went on to say he was “rooting for” the Trump administration’s upcoming negotiations with the communist regime but added that “hostages shouldn’t be a part of it.”

h/t Washington Examiner

What a guy. He’s warning Trump not to take it easy on NK…

He’s warning fire and fury not to take it easy on NK.

We need to be firm and deliberate with NK, but reckless rhetoric is not a strategy to keep America safe

When’s he going to get tired of being wrong?

This is a meltdown? Talk about hyperbolic silliness.

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Yeah. I don’t see it.

They were used as bargaining chips.

Schmucker must think Trump send them millions in unmarked cash or something…lol!

What was the ransom?

They weren’t ransomed, so there wasn’t any ransom.

There is s lot of hyperbole in that first post, and none of it was coming from Chuck Schumer.

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What was the bargain?

Prog~Bot lib logic…

USA: Release our citizens, and then we’ll talk.

NK releases them, and agrees to talk.

OMG they’re going to detain more Americans so they will be further forced to the negotiation table.


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Make no mistake, North Korea is going to get enormous amounts of money if any deal actually goes through.

Like Iran?

Yes. Like Iran.

On the surface it would appear to be a meeting between the two Dear Lesders.

What Pompeo also bargained in private only time will tell.

Cool. We should get it right since we’ve already done it.

What’s a good sum to not launch a nuclear weapon?

You’re asking the wrong questions. Do you understand what you’re talking about?

Sure. What’s the right question?

You don’t think release of US hostages is a good condition for sitting down at the negotiating table?

Try reading it out loud IN ALL CAPS.

Makes all the difference.

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I think that trading anything for hostages is a bad precedent to set.