SCHUMER MELTDOWN: Chuck Accuses the GOP of ‘SABOTAGING’ US Healthcare System

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer viciously accused the Republican Party of intentionally destroying the United States’ healthcare system this week; saying the GOP was creating “premium increases” across the country.

Schumer slammed his Republican colleagues on social media Thursday, saying most Americans were seeing soaring prices after “months and months of republican sabotage.”

“After months and months of Republicans’ sabotage of our health care system, Georgia insurers say that sabotage has directly resulted in premium increases, adding if the Trump administration implements their #junkplans rule, they may have to raise them even more,” tweeted Schumer.

Schumer failed to mention the impending “Death Spiral” of Obamacare that brought about higher premiums and fewer companies taking part in the nation’s failing healthcare marketplace.