Schoolteacher Fired

Kudos to the district for canning this lunatic!

What in God’s bane does Donald Trump have to do with a basic chemistry class?

And how can any teacher be so stupid and not need watered twice a day with everything going video & viral?

Good riddance to bad rubbish for dismissing this insulting idiot who disrupted any learning by insulting her students and their families, who pay her salary.


Sadly IMO too much of this is going on and nothing is being done about it. She find another job where her poison is acceptable.


There’s stories of teachers like this several times a week and they’re soundly dismissed by the mainstream media and politicians. Predictably, they’re absolutely shocked as to why parents are storming so many school board meetings.

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If this happens all the time, and the media does not report it., how do you know it is happening?

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I believe if the students know the teacher’s political affiliation at all, they have failed as a teacher. Teachers are supposed to teach kids how to think, not what to think.


Unless a student videos it (which is apparently what occurred here) and gives it to someone in the media, there is nothing to report.

In the digital era, with just about everyone in possession of a Smart Phone, how can any official be so stupid & not need watered twice a day?

They’ve never heard the expression loose lips sink ships? This woman should be nowhere near a classroom, but doing a job that doesn’t give her much of an audience, like cleaning on the midnight shift.

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With virtually every student possessing a smart phone in class…if this is happening as much as it is claimed…there would be many more videos.

And it does not need to be sent to the media…Twitter, Instagram, FB Tik Tok etc would get it out there quite effectively.

Parents are not storming school board meetings because of teachers like this.

They’re storming school board meetings because they’re being riled up to do so by outside agitators.

No one denies teachers like this exist…the thing is they are usually dealt with at the administration level, since school boards are not involved with teacher discipline.

And believe me there are just as many conservative teachers as liberal teachers being partisan in the classroom.

The problem, of course, is the “cure” being proposed…nebulous bills that are hugely vague that will squelch any kind of political discourse at all, and continue the downward spiral of each successive generation being woefully unprepared to participate in any type of meaningful political discussion.

When I was a kid as part of my education in history and civics (from elementary school through to high school), we would engage in debates over policy issues of the day. We debated Watergate, Vietnam, the Panama Canal Treaty, nuclear weapons.

The teachers did this not to push any partisan agenda, but to teach us how to debate and participate in our system.

With the types of bills being pushed to limit what can be taught in schools, no schools district would go near this kind of teaching in the future.

That’s a terrible price to pay over the perceived fear that our kids are being brought up “to hate their own race”.

When you pass laws to limit what can be taught in schools…you diminish education.

I’m not a fan of nebulous bills either, but some teachers DO push agendas in their classroom and that can’t be ignored. The case below happened nearly five years ago, in Oklahoma of ALL places. Do you think there or more or less examples of this type of classroom behavior today, given our current national climate?

Now there’s a stupid question!

And perhaps a dishonest one, given the convenient omission. :man_shrugging:

Time to put cameras and audio in each class room…and live stream it.


This idea of having monitors in the schools that parents can securely access via the web is a fantastic idea. I’ve always wanted police cams streamed publicly (and on at all times) as well.

How about putting some regulations on the government for a change, eh folks?


Most classes/schools will not allow students to have their phone out during class. It’s automatic confiscation. You get it back at the end of the day. Do it again, your parents get to come pick it up.

This isn’t a board meeting of adults.

How often is it claimed that this sort of thing is happening, but not reported? I have seen nothing about that here.

Most schools have strict prohibition about cell phone use in class.

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Learning how to debate various issues can be something wonderful. Sounds like you got a great education in debate.

What isn’t wonderful, though, and shouldn’t even have any place in a chemistry class, is a teacher using his/her students to bash a particular official. Or to insult students who actually listen to their parents & aren’t challenging their values. Ir insult their families.

Where is the possibility of debate in any of this teacher’s insane rants?

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There aren’t students who can pull a fast one?

Surely none of these teens have ever stayed out past curfew, or snuck out of the house?

Teens are just sweet, much bigger versions of babies & toddlers.

And if you believe any of this, I have a get rich quick scheme to sell you :smiling_imp:

I hope none of the students on film had an IEP

I completely agree about that.

If a kid wants to record a teacher, they certainly can discreetly.

Yes…if they are on their phone…they can be taken away.