School hire debt collector to shake down kids

The next thing you know the IRS will start aduiting them, why are children having to pay for school lunches to begin with.

In a letter to parents, Raymond Votto Jr., chief operating officer of Cranston Public Schools, said the district has previously tried to collect outstanding lunch bills “without much success.”

“In an effort to reduce our unpaid balance, the District has retained the services of a collection agency. The company is Transworld Systems and they will begin their collection efforts effective January 2, 2019,” the letter said.

Votto said between September 1, 2016 and June 30, 2018, the school district wrote off $95,508. He said the unpaid balance for the current academic year is $45,859.

Brilliant just brilliant

for to long these poor kid have been moching off the government money, they need to go get a job.

The poor kids get free lunches.

These are Moocher/deadbeat parents who make their kids get hot lunch every day and don’t pay the bill.

I spent 13 years keeping my daughter’s lunch account paid. I don’t get the outrage.


When I was a kid we had to pay every day.

Has this changed?

Lol it’s online now. Parents have accounts that we pay into. I’m pretty sure that’s most everywhere. There are outside companies that provide the software to schools.

Yep, cash on the barrelhead for me. Day in and day out.

Makes sense. Of course when I was kid school lunch was basically pocket change

I wonder if there is an effect of not subsidizing general lunches as much

The school system must purchase food from vendors who demand payment. The lunch lady must be paid. The electricity and water need to prepare and cook the food must be paid for.

The money that the kids pay (or are SUPPOSED) to pay, goes to cover all those costs.

Unless your family qualifies for a federally funded free lunch, get off your ass and PAY YOUR LUNCH BILL.


Last year it was 90k…this year was 45k…
We pay 10k plus per kid on average for their education.

Trump has spent 70 million on golfing…this shouldnt be an issue…kids should just be fed…( they are they dont go hungry, but that’s not my point)

People need some perspective here…

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I have absolutely no problem with the kids eating. They should get fed, regardless.

The kids are not the problem.

It is the deadbeat parents of the kids that are the problem.

The kids should eat.

And the school district should be reimbursed for the food by the PARENTS. (I am holding responsible the parents, of course.)

It shouldn’t have to go to a debt collector, but maybe collections is the iron boot needed to get these parents to pay.

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Same when I was in school we only had to pay if we wanted extra food, at my school that usually only happened on pizza day ;)…

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Did you have “Taco Pizza”?

Which was slightly spicier and in an octagon for some reason?

I am throwing back to the 80’s I know

When I was in school, you paid first unless you got free lunches. And this was paid one month in advance.

In high school, we only had pre-paid lunch cards.

From my ISD webpage:

"XXXXX ISD provides free and reduced-price cafeteria meals for students from families who qualify based on federal government guidelines. The meals served each school day are offered through the National School Breakfast Program/National School Lunch Program.

NEW! Now you can apply for free or reduced school meals online! The process is quick easy and FREE, and in a few short steps you’ll be done!"

I’m guessing the school district in question is the same.

PS…it is pretty much the same:

That is linked to from the Cranston RI ISD

How do you know they are deadbeats? Maybe they just dont earn enough?

Shoving it into collections will just make things worse…

Hehe well don’t feel bad we still had them in the 90’s and we loved them. Everyone brought an extra dollar for the taco pizza, same shape as well :slight_smile:

Good times

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If they are low wage, they would almost certainly be eligible for free or reduce price lunches. If they do not meet the eligibility requirements, that generally indicates that they make enough money to cough up the lunch bill.

Now there may be a tiny minority that are caught right on the cusp of eligibility that might be just over the line of income. But that is likely a tiny minority. Most people with income deficiencies will be eligible for federal lunch assistance.

But there will always be those people that don’t or won’t pay their bills. In the business world, I have had to have my staff attorneys send out demand letters to those who owe us money. I have had to help relatives extract money from slow paying tenants. It is no different with school lunches.

There are always going to be those people who CAN pay, who SHOULD pay, but who WON’T pay until somebody delivers an iron boot to their rear.


Having read the linked article, it’s the PARENTS who will be receiving collection notices, NOT the kids.

At any time of year, these parents can apply for free or reduced lunches for their kids in case of an event like job loss. They’re free to brown bag lunches.

The contractor is not in the business of providing a free lunch to 100% of the student population, but has the time honored goal of making money in mind. Payments can even be made electronically, &, quite frankly, these parents not paying the contractor is starting to chap my ass because those of us who either pay in a timely manner or make up for late payment got a $1.00 increase in costs of submitting payment electronically.

I’m sick of the whole free lunch crowd—especially since they already have no time limit to apply for free or 50 cent school lunches.

Somehow I don’t think income is an issue.

Say, didn’t then Governor Mitt Romney audit a free breakfast program in MA when he first took office to find many of the kids participating weren’t income eligible?