School District Cant Silence Parents

This school district in Georgia found out they cant silence parents. One of the parents involved received only 17.91 in damages, but 107k in legal fees.

The district tried to shutdown a parent and told her she could no longer come to any of the meetings. The Judge in the case disagreed. The judge also ruled that she, or any other current or future speaker will be allowed to read verbatim from any book that is available from the school library or classroom while addressing the School Board during the Public Comment Period.

I love this outcome. I believe in Full Disclosure for things that are going on in our classrooms.


Leftists can’t groom your children with the truth. They can only do so with lies. :man_shrugging:


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This needs to start happening nationwide!


On a similar note the TN House passed a bill prohibiting public drag queen/stripper shows etc.

Will be allowed in private but restricted to 18 and over.

Heads to Gov Lee for his signature.

1st state to do so. :+1: :clap:

1st offense misdemeanor.

2nd offense Felony.

More importantly they outlawed mutilating children and calling it medicine.


I thought that a separate bill but i may be wrong. Even better news! :+1:

It was separate, it was passed first though.

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Good news indeed! :grinning:


Don’t these worthless parents know that pornographic material is just for the children!!!

Indeed, only 8 year olds should be forced to see such smut.

This is a solid R area and the wealthiest county in the state. Pretty mixed suburban and rural.

The proper term is “Democrat conversion therapy.”

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8 years up you mean, correct? But I’m sure most of the Left would probably put the age even lower than that. Should not a good Lib education be ALL about sexualizing children?

It was a reference to this Freedom Toon…