SCHIFF SHOWDOWN? Does Adam Schiff Have THE GUTS to Go on ‘Hannity’?

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Rep. Adam Schiff sat-down with HBO’s Bill Maher over the weekend to weigh-in on Robert Mueller’s never-ending Russia-Trump collusion probe; telling the left-wing host he’s routinely invited on Fox News but has repeatedly refused to appear on the cable news network.

“Over there in Hanoi covering the Trump-Kim summit, Hannity took note of a recent appearance on Bill Maher’s HBO show by the perpetual Trump-Russia conspiracy theorist and House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Democrat Adam Schiff,” writes the American Spectator.

“You should go,” said Maher after learning of Hannity’s invitation.

“Bill, thank you. He needs to come. We invited him,” said the Fox News host.

“I agree with Bill Maher. You know what? Congressman Schiff, an hour. Mano a mano. Let’s go. And I will point out all the lies, all the misinformation and propaganda you have been pushing for two years,” fired-back Hannity.

It remains unclear of Rep. Schiff -a vocal Russia-Trump collusion activist- will accept Hannity’s invitation.

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