SCHIFF SHOWDOWN? Does Adam Schiff Have THE GUTS to Go on ‘Hannity’? | Sean Hannity

Rep. Adam Schiff sat-down with HBO’s Bill Maher over the weekend to weigh-in on Robert Mueller’s never-ending Russia-Trump collusion probe; telling the left-wing host he’s routinely invited on Fox News but has repeatedly refused to appear on the cable news network.

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Uh No.

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Schiff is just another LIEberal A$$ from the People’s Soviet Kommunist Republik of Kalifornia

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Schiff wont meet with Hannity are you kidding, Schiff knows the truth but his hatred for Trump rules his life. He is to chicken to go on Hannity’s show!

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I have yet to see a photo or telecast where Schiff looks anything but possessed (buggy eyes -weird facial look). It is common for someone whom the writer might want to make appear in a negative way by posting a photo where the look is temporarily negative or weird looking. With Schiff ; the appearance is continuously weird looking. He’s the only individual I can think of who has that unrelenting weirdness . Schiff will never sit across from Sean in an open debate-weirdness notwithstanding.

Adam Is a Spineless person. he knows he will be convicted of crimes and will go don for them… It’s coming… in due time… Remember timing is Everthing!! He will give you evry reason he can think of to NOT come on your show! Even Bill Mauer prodded him to come on your shoe recently! Ha! What a joke he is!

He will never appear before Mr. Hannity!
Schiff and his merry band of liars are stonewalling this entire investigation process in the hopes of one of their own sleazy campaign front runners get elected in 2020 so they can sweep their own corruption under the rug!
Schiff is in up to his lying eyeballs in the witch hunt and possibly part of the coup that we all question, he is the reason why it continues!
Also, I have no reason to believe that AOC was smart enough to ask Cohen the questions she had for him on her own!
This is another coup attempt in my eyes!

Schiff is a coward- he does a lot of talking, but when it comes time to step up, and take your lumps like a man, he chickens out- come on a show where you will be challenged Congressman Schiff- you talk the talk, but it is time to walk the walk- the Dems are drive by cowards- they drive by, dump garbage, and then drive off- they don’t want to face truth, or hard questions, they go on shows where the “so called” journalists pat them on the hand, ask them softball questions, and they say we asked tough questions- really?- you sold out liberal media, and bend over backwards to coddle them

Sean, you & I used to have lunch some times when you live in Huntsville on WVNN. Mark Levin asked me to post this here, it is the just some of the dots connected! I have worked with the intelligence folks, I was in Criminal division for 5 years & the majority of my law practice was Federal, including Special Ops and CIA.This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I really want you to read this and think about it connect the dots! Remember when Obama used US taxpayer funds to try to take down Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu he was attacked in Isreal by Obama’s Deep state, using taxpayer funds to interfere with his election? Benjamin has now been indicted over cigars and some Champaign, while people like Feinstein sell our secrets & has a spy as her office manager for 20 years; during that time she amassed a fortune of $80 million most of it lobbying for China’s interest, check it out. The FBI covered for her JUST as James Comey did for Hillary Clinton. So why was he on the Board of directors of the Bank of London? The list of corruption of these Deep state Cabal members is endless! Now, what she, Lara Logan is actually exposing is so much larger than she even understands! What she is talking about is the Global Bolshevik Islamic coalition movement as George H. Bush staled was the NWO. Using the same modus operandi they have gone after Our President Donald J. Trump. They have no moral compass. And never will. They are the Deep State & it is the combine conspiracy of the EU, UN, and the DNC they are a cabal of evil. These Globalist lust after money & power, and they have no limit to what they will do to get it, Pres. Trump is the only person in a position of power that has any chance of stopping them and that is why there is no limit they will go to stop him from exposing the Deep State & the Globalist. Once you understand this, things are much clearer and you can as they are exposed. Michael Cohen was recruited a long time ago, it is why he was recording Donald Trump, he was just doing what his handler was instructing him to do. If you underestimate these people, you do so at your own peril. These members/recruits Luciferianism / Bolsheviks plan a long ways into the future. The 1933 Gold Confiscation act was just one of many far-reaching plans. So after they did that why would ‘legalize’ Gold ownership 40 years after they made it illegal in the first place? Even though it was in the US Constitution rt. 1 section 10. Let’s take another example, this is how these criminals operate and then if caught, they attack anyone that points out their acts ‘as conspiracy theorist’, always and because their corruption and planning 'exceed what people can think of it seems “improbable” that anyone could be that diabolical; News Flash they are! But these people target for blackmail any prominent person that may be a threat in the future and they plant operatives in that person’s life in a position of ‘trust’ to get blackmail information on them for the future and they arrive it. Justice Roberts is just one example. And that is what Awan was doing for Debbie Wasserman Schultz to blackmail the Congressional members to increase her power base. Most people do not realize that in regards to the Imran Awan investigation and charges of bank fraud there is a massive cover-up attempt occurring as well as a broad conflict of interest in the case. Awan was Deep State operative for this Cabal of which Debbie Wasserman is an important part, she is one of those highly protected, it is why she was able to threaten the Capital Police to stop its investigation in the Awan spying operation and to return her laptop.
I imagine many of you would be shocked to hear that the Assistant Attorney for the District of Columbia Steven Wasserman is actually Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s brother. Now I want you to wrap your mind around this evil connection, remember the 2005 recording of Donald J. Trump talking mans just BS about sexy women and think who did the recording and kept it for 11 years so it could be used to attack candidate Trump to make sure an outsider did not get into exposing the DEEP STATE’s plans an operation of the NWO Bolsheviks. Just guess who that A–hole is? It was no other than Billy Bush. Born William Hall Bush, he is the son of Josephine and Jonathan Bush. His father is the younger brother of the 41st President of the United States George H. W. Bush, making Billy the nephew of George H. W. Bush and cousin of the 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush. You morons keep voting for DNC / RINOs you will not have a country! Nor your freedom! And in England the Labor Party that is supporting the EU!

There is no way Schiff will ever go on Hannity. He knows he’ll be asked tough questions that he won’t want to answer. So this will go the way of the Russian collusion and never happen.