Schiff: Pence aide provided new impeachment evidence - but VP's office classified it

So now we classifying evidence… This just keeps getting shadier and shadier… Does Pence not know that the HPSCI members all have clearance and know what additional information William’s has provided already?

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Most transparent admin in history!!!

No one cares.

That’s the sad part.

Still justifying fishing.

Schiff has no credibility and has become desperate.


Just remove the classification and let the public decide…

The fact you take Shifty’s word as face value speaks volumes of your credibility. If she just remembered it and could have told them in the hearing why did she have to get permission after the fact? She could have just told them.


None of us need to take Schiff’s word for this… The VP just needs to declassify and let us decide…

Not surprising you missed the point. If she remembered it after and it was not classified, she could have just told them. Shifty is making up a story because so he can go fishing.


or just bring in some more leftist professors to pontificate their opinions


She submitted additional evidence and the VP has classified it… That has nothing to do with Schiff… Just declassify the additional evidence and let us decide… What are you afraid of?

Or just let all of us read and Trump supporters can formulate their defense (after being briefed by the CEC)…


two transcripts of the call in question were already made available. then leftists come in and claim “king talk” and other stupid nonsense

the less idiot democrats see and have to create ridiculous narratives over the better

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Ummm… “idiot democrats” are aware that the supplemental testimony is about a phone call between Pence and Zelensky on Sept. 18th… But you keep defending… it’s amusing…

lol I am not afraid of anything here. If this was about her recollection of the phone call Pence wouldn’t have the authority to classify it only Trump would. Shifty is relying on the ignorance of libs like you to get outraged again. My guess it is he is either making it up or it it truly does have classified information in it and he knows they can’t release it so he asked for it to make a show and you fell for it.


You seem as misinformed as another poster in this thread… The phone call in question was between Pence and Zelensky on Sept. 18th.

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Ah sorry got that wrong

But doesn’t really change my thought on Schifty on a fishing expedition.

What is he fishing for? She already submitted the supplemental testimony… He has it in his hands… the VP is preventing you and I from seeing it… Schiff can see it already…

williams already gave the testimony

hilarious, i know

he’s creating the narrative that pence, etc have something to hide because thats what this entire effort is about because nothing wrong was done

and look who’s buying it

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