SCALISE: Democrats Continuing Their ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Trump to ‘Appease Their Base’

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Rep. Steve Scalise unloaded on the Democrats’ never-ending “witch hunt” against the President this week; saying they’re simply trying to “appease their base” and have no interest in finding the facts.

Rep. @SteveScalise says Democrats are only investigating @realDonaldTrump to appease their base, not to find the truth.

"They don't want to get the facts," Scalise said. "Their endgame is to impeach the president whether or not the facts add up. This is beyond a witch hunt."

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) March 5, 2019

“What you’re seeing on full display is the laying of the foundation to impeach the President by the Democrats. They don’t want to get the facts, they first want to know what their endgame is. Their endgame is to impeach the President whether or not the facts back them up,” said Scalise.

“This is beyond a witch hunt. This was all supposed to be about collusion with Russia. There’s been no collusion found… They’re trying to find any excuse to appease their base who wants the President impeached,” he added.