SC Dealership Offers Flag, Bible and AR-15 with Purchase

"Carolina Ford in Honea Path is using the phrase for a new promotion that not only highlights their beliefs, but those they say are shared by their small town.

From now until the end of November, everyone who purchases a car at the dealership will be sent home with a Bible, an American flag, and a voucher for a Smith & Wesson AR.

Derrick Hughes, the dealership’s general manager, says the idea behind the promotion came after he and his team discussed what they, as a group, believe in.

“We love America, we love God and we like to hunt,” Hughes said. “We live in a small town where a lot of people like to hunt. [The promotion] appeals to our demographic.”

Hughes said those interested in receiving a gun will get a voucher after they purchase their car. The voucher can be redeemed at Locked and Loaded, a gun shop in Abbeville.

The gun shop will run a background check on the customer before they are permitted to redeem their gun voucher. If they fail the background check, Hughes says they can take store credit and purchase any other item that suits their fancy.

Hughes also noted that the customer doesn’t have to accept the voucher if they don’t want to. The dealership will just deduct the price of the gun from the total of the car purchase.

This is the first time the dealership has done this sort of thing, and Hughes says they’re going to see how it goes before they decide to do another.

With Christmas just around the corner, Hughes says they might work on a promotion that helps families in need during the holidays."

So who here would take advantage of a deal like this?

Ok, that’s just plain funny.

Bet they do a booming business. :grin:

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My only critique is: I wouldn’t deduct the price of the gun from the price of the car if a person doesn’t want it. People that complain about it, direct them to the real estate listings in San Francisco.


I wouldn’t either, just tell them they can feel good about you donating the AR to charity in their name.:grinning:

Some poor family will have a New AR under the tree Christmas morning!

Not I. Why would I want an ugly black plastic pop gun when I have a perfectly good Mini-14 that does the same things, and an M1 Garand and an M1A for real shooting, and an M1Carbine for fun.

And it’s not really a deal if the price of the car is reduced by the value of the gun if you don’t want the gun. It’s merely a marketing game (and a political statement) to attract buyers in a gun friendly community.

I remember in the ‘60s it was common for some banks to offer a pump shotgun to anyone who opened a new savings account over $100. Now that was a deal!


This is a great idea for one side but…will alienate the other. The dealer is splitting up his market and choosing one side over the other. That’s dangerous IMO unless…he knows his market so well that the side he’s pandering to, is by FAR…the larger of the two. There’s an ole saying in the car biz…leave religion and politics out of it.

If it works, he’s a smart business man.