Sayoc sentenced to 20 years in club fed for mailing bombs

20 seems about for mailing bombs with injuring or killing anyone.

What does everyone else think.


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I think it’s a bit too harsh. Seems like he needs a little bit of mental help.

Given the plea bargain, the defense’s call for 10 years (the mandatory minimum), the prosecution’s call for a life sentence and the fact that the sentencing guidelines would be in the range of 20 years, it seems appropriate from a legal standpoint.

At a minimum, he will be 75 before he can be released.

Sucks for him

Good riddance.

He mailed bombs that could have went off.

During his plea he said he wasn’t out to injure people but that the bombs sent could have detonated.

Lucky for him none did.


Just in my opinion, the fact that he was lucky enough to be stopped before he hurt anyone, gives the justice system enough room to try a lighter punishment while rehabilitating him under a watchful eye.

Maybe Trump can pardon him.

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As a civil libertarian, I do support the “judicious” and “appropriate” use of mercy and rehabilitation in the criminal justice system.

He did clearly get a degree of mercy, avoiding a life sentence. However, due to his mens rea in committing the crime and the potential for death and destruction, any further reduction would have been inappropriate.

Also, he is clearly not a suitable candidate for rehabilitation.

I think the sentence was an appropriate balance.

Too little time.

Register Number: 17781-104
Age: 57
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: New York MCC
Release Date: UNKNOWN

They haven’t calculated his release date yet.

He won’t stay at NY MCC much longer. Most likely he will go to a medium or high security facility in the region. Quite a few possibilities.

He tried to kill U.S. Senators and got a reduced sentence. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Why?

That sounds about right. Trying to terrorize the media and a politicians critics via bombs should get you at least 20 years in the slammer.

Bill Ayers would disagree with this thread.

Register Number: 17781-104
Age: 57
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Marion USP
Release Date: 11/10/2035

BoP was mighty slow in picking Sayoc’s final destination. He remained at the Metropolitian Detention Center in Manhattan for fully 2 months following his sentencing. As a contrast, El Chapo had arrived in ADX Florence within 48 hours of his sentencing. He spent the last couple of weeks at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City before arriving in Marion in the last 48 hours.

Marion is an interesting choice. Once run under 24 hour lock down as a contrived “supermax”, prior to the construction of ADX Florence, it now operates as a Medium Security facility. Evidently, BoP does not view him as much of a threat.

In any event, he has slightly over 16 years to think about things. He will be 73/74 when/if he gets out.

Medium security facility with an adjacent minimum security camp.

Sure seems like an improvement over his previous living arrangements :smile:

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If he’s not a suitable candidate for rehabilitation, then shouldn’t that mean he should be in prison for life? How will 20 years make him fit to rejoin society?

With good behavior he should be out in 17.

The date shown above, November 10, 2035, is his actual release date, with good behavior and “first step” adjustments deducted from the original 20 years. Any time served prior to sentencing is also deducted.