Say it ain't so! Joe paid the ho?

Like… ask the FBI to tell us if the one they have is a forgery. They already know the answer.

You want the FBI to “come clean” about Rudy Giuliani gossip. Demanding they “come clean” is just political blubbering. They don’t answer to your beck and call.

Yes yes, we all know. “Their silence means this is a cover up.” Or, they have better things to do than legitimize Rudy Giuliani’s gossip.

They do have a hard drive that the President claims is fake. How would you prefer this be confirmed?

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Even if the FBI came out and said it was fake, the New Right would claim they were covering up.

They wouldn’t just suddenly say…you wouldn’t just suddenly say “Thanks FBI. I recant everything I’ve posted on the topic now”.

So please don’t pretend you’ll accept anything other than confirmation of what you already have decided to believe.

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Maybe. But at least you would know the truth. Right now you have no idea. Do you want to know if your president sent $25,000 to the Russian mob?

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Thanks for your input. You said your stuff about Gaetz. So you’re okay with going back to the current topic of Hunter Biden now?

This is a non-story. Didn’t care about Trump’s indiscretions and I don’t care about Hunter Biden’s.

Must have been one hell of a hooker for $25,000. Other than that what is there to look into? :thinking:

Ignore it. Non-story.

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Biden’s son is a mess and everyone knows it. That lends credibility to the story.

The question becomes is America in any way compromised because of Biden’s son and the cover ups.

Things like this a just probably the tip of the iceberg.

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So the President giving the Russian Mob $25,000 is a nonstory? Can you understand why others would disagree?

Right. Unfortunately the FBI is in control of the Iceberg and seem to have no interest letting us see what is below the waterline.

“May 2018”

You telling me Trump’s administration was lib? You’re telling me the DOJ in 2018 was lib?

1 - a correct analogy would be, are your news sources giving it the same coverage as they would if eric trump paid for a hooker.

2- If Hunter runs for office it should be dug into more. Otherwise, a mildly famous person buying a hooker…a day or two of coverage is probably enough.

3 - WH press…doesn’t seem to be relevant to political news to me, but I wouldn’t be angry if someone asked for a comment. Of course they won’t get one though.

My thread is built around a news story and three questions. Not a premise.

Gaetz’s buddy Joel Greenberg plead guilty to sex trafficking of a minor, fraud, and bribery. Lets see what he says about Gaetz.

Joe paid the Russian mob. Not Hunter. So there’s that.

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No. I’m telling you that the FBI should release their findings on the hard drive. Is it real or fake. They already know the answer.

I found a better source for you. You’re welcome.

Hunter Biden allegedly spent $25K for prostitutes on father’s card | Fox News Video

Why so fixated on Hunter? Remind me again which public or political office is he holding?

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How is Fox a better source? it’s the same company as The New York Post who started the story.

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Wait- disgraced, unlicensed Fox Psychiatrist also has a HB laptop? Wow.