Say her name, Christine Englehardt

That self admission rarely happens with hate crimes.

We have other ways to show hate.

Treating the victim as less than human qualifies.

It does not look like it. Did they target her because she was white?

Didn’t matter in the Chinese sex parlors…why is this different?


per your standards from atlanta shooting it sure does look like it


different now tho for some reason huh?

lemne guess. no evidence of racial motivation

eh you noticed that too huh? lol





lol. gawd these people

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I don’t understand what this post is trying to do.

An article is posted with the specific intention of showing that members of a particular race committed a crime. Is that meant to emphasize the negative actions of members of that race? Is it meant to excuse the actions of another race? Is it meant to show one race is better or worse? Is it meant to show all races have people who commit crimes?

If it’s the later and you think people don’t realize that, why do you feel it’s something to prove and why would you do so in such a crass way?

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That’s not my standard.

I’m looking for a pattern. The ATL shooter target Asian Businesses and mostly Asian women. 3 businesses and 6 Asians.

In the case of this rape… if these two men had a history of raping white women… I’ll call it racism

I think we all can see what the difference was between the FoxNews story and the other stories.

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Did the Atlanta shooter have a history of killing Asian women? Did he kill only Asians?

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You are talking about the Atlanta shooting, right?

There was a pattern. He targeted Asian owned spas. 3 to be exact.

He killed 6 Asians and 2 non Asians. If race was his motivating factor he does a poor job.
But you can make your implication, and other can imply about the other case if they wish.
All Foxnews did was provide facts. Those similar facts were hidden by Yahoo News but, for the Atlanta killer, blasted all over the place.
Now, since the Duke Lacrosse case was mentioned…that was a one time incident (non)occurrence. Did you object that conclusions should not have been drawn as to racial motivations?

I searched their news before posting this. :wink:

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He targeted Asian businesses specifically.

How are the facts of these two criminals race, relevant to the story?

Notice how they’re trying to down play it. But you and I both know if it was other way around…two white dude targets a Black woman.

Now the question is…did they target her because she was white? Wanted to humiliate the race?

And why did she even associate with those dudes in first place? was it because she was afraid to be called a racist if she didn’t?

They were facts.
How was the race of the Atlanta perpetrator relevant?
How was the race of the falsely accused Duke Lacrosse team and the accuser relevant?

I figured you did. Its why libs don’t want to stay on topic and to derail this thread


Excellent question. Why would a white woman ever hang out with two black men?

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