Saw the movie "Us" today

I decided to check this one out today. There were a few parts of it that I thought were ok, but to me the only really good part was actually the new preview for the Avengers: Endgame movie. There were actually parts of the movie where I was rolling my eyes. Overall, one I’d only recommend if you’re really bored or if you really want to see the new Endgame preview on a big screen.

Of course, different people will have differing opinions. Someone else may like it fine.

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I saw Us today, and I thought it was a solid film. It might not to be as scary as Get Out and any recent horror films, but I did thought it was scary and chilling enough.

I loved the performances by the cast, especially Lupita Nyongo.

I recommend everyone to see it and judge for yourself.

I give it a grade of an B+.