Saudi funded lobbyist rents 500 rooms from Trump

Starting to see why trump values SA so much…

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Nobody was upset when this happened with Obama.


“It made all the sense in the world, when we found out that the Saudis had paid for it,” said Henry Garcia, a Navy veteran from San Antonio who went on three trips. He said the organizers never said anything about Saudi Arabia when they invited him.

He believed the trips were organized by other veterans, but that puzzled him, because this group spent money like no veterans group he had ever worked with. There were private hotel rooms, open bars, free dinners. Then, Garcia said, one of the organizers who had been drinking minibar champagne mentioned a Saudi prince.

“I said, ‘Oh, we were just used to give Trump money,’ ” Garcia said.

from the article.


I love this so much

Perfect. Using veterans to funnel bags of cash to the President of the United States.

We see it was money well spent. Dumpster Donnie is always loyal to money.

So what???

You think this is ok.

Of course.

Trump could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his supporters would still support him.

For every 500 rooms booked, your get to murder a journalist scott free.


All I got was a free small French Fry.

That was under Obama. Under Trump journalists are the enemy of the people.

That’s a limited offer; it may not be available during peak seasons.

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I don’t want to know what you get if you book a 1000 rooms.