Saudi boy facing death penalty for "sowing sedition" as a 10 year old

As Trump and much of the conservative establishment continues to rattle sabers over Iran, our dear friends the Saudis are at it again. Murtaja Qureiris was arrested as a 13 year old. He has been held for more than 4 years now without trial and is being accused of “sowing sedition” against the government. Some of the incidents for which he is being charged go as far back as when he was only 10 years old.

Prosecutors are not just seeking the death penalty for the boy, but the most extreme one possible. He may be crucified or see his body dismembered. I guess the Saudis have plenty of experts on hand when it comes to butchering people though, right?

Can anyone remind me of why these people are our “friends” in the region again?

The petrodollar

They spend a lot of money at Trump Tower?

This is actually bigger than Trump. It doesn’t matter who the president is, the spice must flow.

I recall back in the say when we had a child held at Guantanamo Bay. There were many posts talking about how this detention was actually a positive because he was receiving medical care, education etc. To my shame I bought into that argument.

So dont expect many Trump supporters to be critical of SA. Their lord and master has decreed Saudi good therefore it is. ■■■■ me I just realized we truly are living in an Orwellian period. If Trump tomorrow says Saudi Arabia is bad and always has been, Trumpists will accept that new version of history.

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“Can anyone remind me of why these people are our “friends” in the region again?”

Because America sold its soul for black gold, Texas tea, Oil that is.

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they executed 3 people arrested as minors just a couple months ago

And somehow cuba is a worse country…


Communism is apparently more of a concern than butchering journalists or crucifying children.

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