Saudi Arabia, Hit by Coronavirus, Declares Cease-Fire in Yemen: Live Updates

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However, essentially Saudi Arabia has declared a unilateral cease fire, after getting its ass repeated kicked by one of the poorest and most destitute **** holes on the planet. Pretty much a surrender.

Amazing how a rich country like Saudi Arabia can be so ******* inept at everything. Maybe too many decades of inbreeding by the Royal Family.

Interesting how we call out some countries for alleged human rights violations, yet the Saudis commit enormous war crimes in Yemen and not a peep is uttered. I just have to keep laughing at the spread freedom and democracy crowd.

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Unilateral cease fire. Is that even possible?

Both parties kiss the Saudi’s ass and have for years.

It is essentially a surrender masquerading as a cease fire. :smile:

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MBS has had zero successes. Zero. He’s shaping up to be a slow moving catastrophe.

Like crying uncle. Will Yeman let it end?

I haven’t been following that war except to hear that it’s not so much Yeman as Iran that fighting the Saudis.

To varying extents, every war in that general geographical area is essentially a proxy way between Saudi Arabia and Iran.


Or Israel/United States.

We’re big on proxy wars too.


Another stunning foreign policy success for the Trump admin, backing that clown.

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The idea of MBS and Kushner sitting legs crossed making decisions that impact the world is less than encouraging. It’s hard to know whether there’s less talent or experience in that room. Talk about two kids who out-kicked their coverage in life, jesus christ.