Satanic abortions

the satanic temple has come up with a new tactic guaranteed to upset the religious right

satanic abortions. they are exactly the same as regular abortions except they also have the participant say a few self-affirming words about her bodily autonomy.

the ritual absolutely forbids, as a bedrock matter of religous conviction, any waiting periods, the withholding of medically necessary advice, mandatory counseling, required readings, and unnecessary sonograms.

under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act a person can sue the government for any law that “substantially burdens a person’s exercise of religion.”

any state that would try to fight the satanic temple on this would be fighting against the RFRA. they are using the same exemption that lets hobby lobby deny birth control coverage

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This should be interesting.

Like a train wreck you can’t look away from.

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No problem to me.

My stance on abortion and guns is identical.

If you don’t like them, don’t get one. :smile:


Won’t wash. Any law in regard to abortion would have to single them and their religion out, if they are applicable to everyone, it isn’t government intolerance of their religion to prohibit them.

Nope. No law preventing free exercise of religion.
2 choices. Either satanic abortions are legal or else the religious freedom act and hobby lobby Blocking of birth control goes

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So, child sacrifice is constitutionally protected in the US if it’s done religiously. Is that your argument? Rape too?

Yeah no, pot guys have been trying this for decades, no luck.

Liberals are entitled to their religion. The lib hero, Alinsky, was at least honest in not asking “what would Jesus do?” but instead “What would Lucifer do?”.

But late term and post birth abortion are still a blot upon humanity.


Who benefits from this strange association? I get the feeling most pro choice people are like, yea no, thanks, we don’t need satanists help.

An idiotic stance if there ever was one. You can be pro-choice, pro-gun rights, or, like me, both without replying to objections to either with this dumb remark.

Started with the first post, too.

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People said the same thing when they sued to have a statue of the devil place outside a courthouse and won.

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The whole point is to show how dumb the law is.
that is the whole reason the group exists.

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Satanic Temple much like Pastafarnism exist to show how dumb the legal system is.
There is a good documentary about them on Netflix.

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Reminds me of some guys I knew in the air force who “pretended” to be gay so they could get a discharge. Funny thing… they all “pretended” so well that they became real homosexuals.

Sorry … but no true God fearing man or woman is going to “pretend” to worship the evil one.

You think there are going to be real satanic abortions?
do you wanna buy a house on the moon.

The difference between satanic abortion and regular abortion is…what?

It’s a dead baby either way.

I’m a pastafarian minister