Sarah Sanders- so long

Leaving at the end of the month. Trump tweeted that she’d make a great governor of Arkansas. Scratching my head on that one.

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Fine job Sarah. Thank you for your service to the country. Best of luck in your next endeavor.


I want to say it’s because she’s tired of all the lying she has to do, but that just makes me laugh.


I gotta give her credit for her diplomacy.

I would have been fired long ago for making replies to reporters’ questions, like: “Damn. They actually pay you for being that stupid??”


If there is any justice in the world she will never be employed by any reputable organization again. However, I’m sure Fox, or one of the networks desperate to continue their “both sides” efforts, will be quick to scoop up Sanders despite her probably being the least honest figure in any administration in memory. The scope of the lying was truly amazing to behold.


I hope they bring Spicy back.


Does she do anything, any more?

When was the last time there was an actual press briefing?

Maybe there’s no need to backfill the position.

Anyway, good luck in whatever career comes next.

I believe it has been more than 3 months since the last daily press briefing. So yeah, it does make you wonder what the point of the job even is at this point.


Or Kate McKinnon (sp) as Spicy.


“If there is any justice in the world she will never be employed by any reputable organization again.”
That has to be one of the most egregious and gratuitous assertions made here in a while.
Condemn and criticize someone for doing their job?

I so much enjoyed her daily press briefings. And I so much miss how she lied about so many things.
And I so miss the treatment she gave Jim Comey and then admitted to the Mueller team that she made all of that up, and then returned to the WH and made up more stuff. And I will certainly miss her if we have to listen now to Hogan Gidley.


I guess they could not hire and use the savings to pay for Trump’s golf trips. It’d only take about a thousand years of her salary to catch up with a couple years of Trump golf.

I believe Melissa MCCarthy has the job wrapped up.

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Condemn someone for willfully lying to the American people on a regular basis to such an extent that press briefings became a laughingstock and then nonexistent? You’re damned right. She tossed away her reputation willingly and deserves to deal with the consequences of her actions.


Oh, damn, I was thinking of McKinnon as Jeff Sessions!!

You’re safe, I think. I doubt there’s any plan for anyone to listen to anybody in the White House press group.

If they can go 3 months without a daily press briefing, they’re winning the war for ignorance.

Wasn’t that Melissa McCarthy?

ETA: Not the first time I was too slow.

Good riddance, you freaking lying sack.


Well she certainly was one of the “only the best people”
Insofar as she was one of the best liars to ever have served in her position.

Yep. I was thinking of Jeff Sessions lol