Sarah Sanders confirms Trump spoke to Putin about Mueller probe

Fat donald checking in with his boss.
Why is fat donald discussing the Mueller probe with the man responsible for meddling in our elections?

What’s wrong with that? It’s a good thing we have such a good relation with a strong county like Russia.

Is there any information on what was discussed? Confronting him regarding the known interference is something I would expect, but I doubt that occurred based on his prior lack of willingness to confront Putin.

Edit: apparently it was confirmed that Trump did not confront Putin, as I would have guessed. :roll_eyes:


Was trump on this call by himself?

there was a report recently that put this idiotic conspiracy to rest

you’re gonna have to let go

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Sorry. The Fake Conspiracy Scam is over. Next we need to know who started this and what laws were broken.

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It is recognized now that it is not evidence of a conspiracy when the heads of the two most powerful nations on earth speak to each other?
Maybe not.

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If there is nothing to hide then why try to invoke executive priveledge for former staffers to testify again

Why in the ■■■■ is fat donald discussing the Mueller report with Putin who is the subject of the report and who meddled in our elections?

Executive privilege is a long standing doctrine often used by President Obama and also by his predecessors saying that the president needs to be able to have open discussions off the record in order for the executive to function.

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Because both of these people know that they did not conspire together. Why should they not disucss it?

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Ladies and gentlemen, Putin is running the show.

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What? Serious? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

We aren’t talking about Obama we are talking about Trump. Don mcghan already gave a statement to Mueller why is this administration trying to block him from going to Congress


CORRECTION (May 3,2019, 1:51 p.m. ET): An earlier version of this article incorrectly included one topic that White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Presidents Trump and Putin discussed on Friday. They did not discuss the possibility of former White House counsel Don McGahn appearing before Congress. Sanders was answering a question from reporters about whether McGahn would testify before Congress.

So No…Sarah Sanders confirmed nothing. It was a misinterpretation of a question she was answering regarding McGahn’s possible testimony. NBC has corrected the story.

You must be joking.

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More serious than you could possibly be continuing this now doubly discredited conspiracy theory.

The US has nothing to gain by fostering worse relations with Russia.

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To testify again. AGAIN. Because double jeapordy is cool now.