Sarah Palin's hubby files for divorce, cites "incompatibility of temperament"

Would you stay married to that? Can you imagine conversations at home?

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Remember when she was somebody?

I’ll snip out all irreverent crap I want.

Nosing in on Palin’s family business just to talk trash about them, right?

This is why Trump is your President, libs.

lol :popcorn:


I’m aware I should be the last one to give advice on love and marriage or what one does at home.

Well, second to last one, after Sarah Palin.

Yes your post is.


Nosing in? This backwoods barbie made it her platform to nose into all of our bedrooms and lives. Don’t be a “suicide bomber wearing a vest of political correctness” Six.

Trump is president because too many people are dumb.

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Especially those retards that thought Hillary would win. :wink:

No, it’s not.

Libs don’t typically support family units, so this weird form of entertainment actually makes sense. lol

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Yep libs hate families we want to make everyone gay.

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Yeah all those messy broken families like the Obamas could really learn how to run a loving family from the leader of the Republican Party. Or the Palins. Or Mark Sanford.

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the greatest thing libs did to destroy the family unit was elected someone who has been married 4 times and cheated on his all his wives.


Another wholesome Republican family :joy:

Another liberal dumpster fire thread.

I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you!

The “Obama chewing gum at a funeral” thread is calling.


Palins, Trumps…peas in a pod.

GOP family values platform has been a joke for decades. Donald just delivered the unfunny punch line.


You know that not one Trump supporter on this forum ever made a spurious thread about Obama. I mean apart from the outrage at a tan suit, and mustard, oh and and the thread about lets his daughters dressing disrespectfully.

There was one or two moochelle threads and of course the disdain for Obama wearing a cycling helmet.

I mean thats really all there was. Well except for the head exploding thread about a communist Christmas ornament. Obviously I recall a couple of threads about his golfing and the cost to the taxpayers about a trip to Hawaii.

All in all Trump supporters have never made a fuss about nothing.

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Not everyone can dump their cancer stricken wife like Newt.