Sarah Palin's hubby files for divorce, cites "incompatibility of temperament"

I’m sure you would be sending your warmest condolences to the Obama’s if they got divorced.

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Another brother escapes the bondage!

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So libs aren’t as civilized as they think.

To be fair Todd’s dogs were more loyal than Sarah ever was.

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Always the class act, conan. Thanks for the appearance.

why because we don’t fake pretend to be sorry for a person we dislike?

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Sorry to hear it.

You said

So what I said how cute…libs miss her.

You want to rephrase that? Or continue ignoring what you buddies are saying?

My headline was better:

Sarah and Todd Palin Flip-Flop Stance on Sanctity of Marriage.


At this point, the most relevant Palin is the one on MTV’s Teen Mom.

There’s a Palin on Teen Mom? There’s another Palin Teen Mom??


No its the one who was a teen mom. I think they’re doing a follow up and I think one couple had gotten so crazy/violent that they replaced them with the Palin since her kid is the same age. I think.

My s/o watches it, at her place. Never here. Ever.

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C’mon - at least for her son with Down’s syndrome who is stuck with these two guys?


When did we last get to experience Sarah? Best my memory serves is during the election when she stumped for Trump for a day but was so embarrassingly bad that Trump was cringing behind her and they canceled the rest her tour and put her away until that photo in the Oval with Ted Nugent.

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I was just remembering the thread announcing she had quit being Governor, and alllllllll her lil fanboys telling us that she was doing it for all these great reasons because the next thing…

and now here we are like 8 years later and there was no next thing. She just straight quit and wrote a book to profit.

Someone reading this right now has those books. Go get it. Read it again. :rofl:


Oh ■■■■

I forgot about that!

Look at fat donald’s facial expression. :rofl::rofl:

I was wrong, less of a cringe and more of a “what in the hell” side-eye.

This was due to gay marriage ruining the marriages of straight people


Didnt she try her own online tv show or something too, for paid subscribers ?

Next time if appreciate it if you didn’t snip my comment to remove its intent. Thank you in advance.

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