Sara Carter Forum

Hi all,

I noticed the new Sara Carter forum and was curious what brought this about. Is Sara considered a friend/affiliate of our esteemed host? Maybe it’s an analog of the old Mark Levin subforum, but was puzzled.

Yeah. That’s what had me puzzled.

Can we expect more of these subforums across a range of Fox News personalities? Not my call, of course, but it strikes me that might dilute the value of some of the existing forums, especially politics.

Yeah, this is really weird. I had never heard of Sara Carter before, and the About the Sara Carter category post by Admin doesn’t help.

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I noticed that thread this morning as well. I wasn’t sure if whoever created it hadn’t finished the description, or if perhaps the forum got hacked somehow. It doesn’t look like there is too much activity in there at this time.

She is on Sean’s show almost every night, do you even watch our esteemed hosts show?

I was wondering about this subforum as well. Seems to have come out of the blue.

Sean has many other platforms besides TV.

No. I wasn’t aware it was a requirement to post here.

Interesting point. Should we expect separate subforums for each of Sean’s frequent guests? That’s the prerogative of the admins for sure. I’m just curious if that’s the plan going forward. Maybe there’s another reason specifically for Sara’s little bit of acreage here in paradise.

@Snow96 and @GWH I just want you to be aware. I have no idea if everything is on the up and up.

Yes, I see it. Admin made the category. All is well.

Sara Carter is Sean’s go-to-gal for everything “The Deep State” is up to.

She appears on his shows often enough that I’m not surprised she’s getting a sub-forum of her own.

Not in about 8 years. But it’s a personal reason.

I KNEW I knew her name, but it has always been in the context of a discussion of the Russia Hoax or the bogus allegations against the President. When I saw the name, I first thought of Sarah Huckabee. Then Sarah Palin. And then I was stumped because I am on my second drink.

Sara Carter is a GREAT investigative reporter.

If Sean ever starts a Reporter’s Reportcard website, I would think she would deserve all “A’s.”