Sandy Ocasio-Cortez Once Again Reasserts Her Stupidity

What is it about a bunch of sedentary people glued to a TV that makes anyone think it’s some sort of win?

Oh wait. Donnie. Ratings. Reality TV and lifelong celebrity wanna be. Makes sense.


Your judgement is harsh. Ouch.
I can’t speak for any other sedentary people. But this one did 30 consecutive chin-ups at the gym today. Three sets of 25 on the ab machine at 340lbs. And climbed a mountain in September. Not too bad for an old fart eh? :muscle:

tells one something about DC doesnt it?

She so self conceded she doesn’t care about anything else…it’s all about her. :wink:


and ABC right?

Wow - watching Fox makes you SWOLE :star_struck:


That totally reminds me of someone else…if only I could think of who…


That’s what she said.


shes afraid. or forbidden to do so by her equally deranged overlords

Pics or I don’t believe it. :wink:

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Whatever works for you, I don’t judge.


bow chica wow wow :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but how would you know it’s me and not some other random smoke show?


it’s a struggle to figure out who is more idiotic

but one is what, chair of finances services committee…

the other has an econ degree

wouldnt it be funny if there were a hand pointing to the white house emoji?

It’s gonna be okay, neither are coming to get you.

Hillary is still at large, however. Best to keep the nightlight on.

so, not an issue that so much incompetency is in government?

do you realize maxi waters didnt even realize the fed govt took over student loans years ago? yet she grilled banks on what they were doing about defaults

chair of financial services committee!?!

utterly staggeringly incompetent.

and we’re supposed to pretend it’s all ok

you do realize the op link is ABC right?

Undereducated, ignorant old white people will pretty much fall for anything. Suckers.

You’re going to be fine.

Again. That’s what she said.