Sandy Ocasio-Cortez Once Again Reasserts Her Stupidity

by busting out a tweet critical of GOP member posing next to her cardboard cutout

only problem is… < snicker >

he was a senior Dem congressman in House - since 2007! haha. how astute

of course, she goes after his age and gender - “older” and “male”. two of the most awfullest things to Democrats unless you’re the top two candidates. lol.

awe too bad she’s not 35. so brave so smart. everyone fears her

me and fox news obsessed with her here:

she scrambled to delete the tweet like all 7th graders do

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The AOC obsession continues. Meanwhile, our President makes TONS of stupid, wrong and false tweets and we never see a similar thread like this from you… coincidence?


i know! but ABC needs ratings/clicks too

Fox News is making AOC a huge star.

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so is ABC! lol

Yup! Seems like an odd strategy for Fox, but who knows.

The fun fact is that AOC will be in D.C. long after Trump has left with his tail between his legs.

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It’s amazing how one House rep gets under the skin of so many posters. Wish they would focus on the racist rep King.


But AOC refuses to be interviewed by anybody with Fox. She’d rather go to MSNBC and the sort to fawn over her and tell her how wonderful she is.

Agreed. I love their AOC stories! It’s like watching a never ending dumb blonde joke minus the blonde part.

Of course, that’s what most of them do. That makes it even odder that Fox seems determined to make her a star.

She was addressing the Kentucky GOP’s tweet.

Wow, just like Trump.
So I bet you agree with her.

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AOC-DS dominates Fox.

Poor Maxine Waters. No love from Trump Nation anymore.

They are desperate for a boogey-man to keep the viewers wetting themselves.

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And FOX dominates MSNBC and CNN combined. So play what works. Yes?

Exactly right - make Fox Nation piss themselves in fear over a young rookie congresswoman, and keep 'em glued to the TV.

Now a word from our sponsors!


It’s like my old football coach used to say. “When someone insults you during the game, do not retaliate. Just point to the scoreboard.” Have you seen the scoreboard lately? Take a peek. I think FOX is up a few scores. :muscle:



Who’s insulting? I’m full on agreeing with you that Fox does the formula better than anyone. Stimulate an audience’s fight or flight response, throw in a cupful of bias confirmation, and you’ve got a rapt, unquestioning, angry, and terrified base of support. MSNBC and CNN aren’t even in the same league.

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