Sanders now up double digits nationally heading to Nevada

The Sanders bump or I would call it blitz in the last few weeks have shown his campaign skyrocket. Last week Quinnipiac has him 7 points nationally. Today Morning consult has him up 10 points over Biden who has been rapidly plummeting is about to be overtaken by Bloomberg who isn’t even running until Super Tuesday. Most polls.

Sanders - 29
Biden - 19
Bloomberg - 18

Sanders has also opened up a commanding lead in Nevada and some have him in first in South Carolina as well. Not sure the momentum can be stopped at this point he is clearly on his way to be the democratic socialist nominee.

Bloomberg at 18? How many is he allowed to buy?

He would need to buy 11 more to catch the commie

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The Bern and Joe Bye-den. The Democrat dynamic duo. :sunglasses:

Personally I’d say pay more attention to the trend lines vs the current numbers. Things are changing very quickly.

This will be the first real test of how the candidates fair with large minority populations so it will be very interesting to take a look at the outcome.