Sanders introduce policy to "Rebuild rural America"

Interesting package of policy on a subject that is greatly ignored my most American politicians.

OSAGE, Iowa — Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., unveiled a broad package of proposals on Sunday aimed at aiding rural communities, including the breaking up of major agriculture corporations and the transitioning of the U.S. commodity industry toward a system in which the government sets commodity production and pricing based on demand, much like Canada’s dairy industry, to guarantee farmers’ “cost of production and family living expenses.”

“This growing monopolization of agriculture is unfair to food producers. It is unfair to consumers. It is unfair to the environment,” the Democratic presidential candidate said from behind a podium at the Mitchell County fairgrounds, looking out onto about 100 Iowans seated in chairs or the set of risers under the pavilion. “Together, we are going to change that system.”