Sanders cratering poll numbers

People don’t seem to be connecting Bernie’s slide with that disastrous “60 Minutes” interview. That was the interview where Bernie refused to repudiate his former support for communist regimes.

Bernie’s support among voters came a lot from young people who don’t know what communism is. Problem is young people don’t vote in large numbers. Older voters who do know what communism is also vote in large numbers.

Thus Sanders decline.

Philly Guy

Young people know what communism is.

but the rest of your point is true young people don’t vote.

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They think it’s great. Thus proving they don’t know what it is.

Philly Guy

we have a saying in Canada.

Politician will visit every nursing home in his riding but not a single school.

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Nobody under about 40 or 50 in this country has ever seen communism up close at an age where they could even appreciate what it is.

All they could possibly know about it is the white washed version taught in schools in the US since 1990.


Do you have a link corroborating that claim?

That is the truth for the most part young people don’t vote. They love the rallies and the twitter pumping but not so much going into the election booth.

That being said the nail in the coffin was Buttigieg and Klobuchar both getting out and endorsing Biden before Super Tuesday uniting the moderate vote. Sanders didn’t get the same treatment from Warren. That changed everything Sanders was on his way to winning it before that. I guess they learned there lesson watching the republicans in 2016 on what happens when you stay in the race splitting the same votes.

Sanders supporters are so mad at Warren right now on twitter non stop since Super Thursday.


She’s revealing her sole purpose from the beginning was gaining personal power, principles be damned.

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Do you spend much time following Sanders’s supporters on twitter?

No they don’t.

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Pretty awkward saying. No rhythm. No rhyme.

They have seen the horrors of capitalism, though. That’s why they don’t rush to embrace it like you don’t rush to embrace non-capitalist ideas.

Do they remember the good old days before capitalism? I hear it was all unicorns and rainbows.


No they haven’t, are you kidding? They are the generation with the least to bitch about in history and they bitch an order of magnitude more.

They’ve never wanted for anything and they’re completely helpless. The idea appeals to them because they see it as a baby blanket. A woobie they can cocoon up in so they don’t have to adult today.

They need to get their ■■■■■■■ thumbs out of their mouths and man up!

Of course it’s our fault for mollycoddling them.


You are part of the most entitled generation in the history of the world. Your parents gave you a great society and then you stole that from your children to spend for today. You’ve earned what your children throw at you.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: My parents gave me a broken dinner plate. The Army gave me a bus ticket.

We spent it all on you.

Even if you were right, which you aren’t, so what? It was ours to do what we want.

Your helplessness is no longer my problem. Grow up.


More entitled than your generation? I’d like to hear this.

Gee, who is that advocates more and more government spending and who is that votes for those people in large majorities? Answers being Democrats and our children. Am I, a small government conservative who wants the fed reigned in to it’s originally enumerated powers, supposed to feel bad handing my children debt when they want to vote for Bernie and his multi-trillion dollar pie in the sky campaign promises? I don’t think so.

Not just government spending. Spending on them.


That’s absolutely true.