SANCTUARY STANDS: Another Judge Blocks Trump’s Fight Against Sanctuary Cities | Sean Hannity

A federal judge in Manhattan further undermined the Trump administration’s fierce crackdown on sanctuary cities Friday; calling the White House’s move to limit federal funds to cities that defy immigration law “arbitrary and capricious.”

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its high time this administration fought back against these activist judges. if you cant follow federal law YOU DONT GET FEDERAL MONEY!!!

Does federal law override the 10th amendment, which gives the states the right not to follow Federal laws and rules. ie. Marijuana is illegal by Federal law, but gradually states are decriminalising it. Asking for a friend.

Tony_Krzmarzick, Nope, 10th amendment still applies. However, is there a Constitutional mandate to provide federal funding? If they aren’t going to enforce federal law, why do they need federal funding? “Asking for a friend”.

If States are endangering the entire rest of the Country, the Presidents 1st responsibility is to protect the U.S.
It is the Presidents responsibility NOT to pour money into the very anarchists who must import illegals to improve their power base, add these nefarious agents to their insidious weaponry and distract our President from defending the U.S. from enemies outside our physical borders. The U.S. born anarchist are importing villains using seditious judges !

So why do we need “Federal Judges” if they’re NOT following 'Federal Law" ???
Judges don’t get to MAKE the law!