SANCTUARY STANDS: Another Judge Blocks Trump’s Fight Against Sanctuary Cities | Sean Hannity

A federal judge in Manhattan further undermined the Trump administration’s fierce crackdown on sanctuary cities Friday; calling the White House’s move to limit federal funds to cities that defy immigration law “arbitrary and capricious.”

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This is a completely ridiculous ruling considering the long-standing tradition of Presidents and the Justice Department interfering with local LE going back to Lincoln! 0bozo did it plenty of times by ordering investigations into local LE’s when he didn’t like the way they handled ANYTHING.If this judge’s rulings were true, then he would have no authority to order ANY investigations into local LE because this judge is saying local LE has the final say. This is more of the same by leftist judges ruling by political partisanship. Raising the BS flag on this one.

The Liberal Judges are imposing their own point of view in these crooked, one sided decisions.
This needs to be referred to the Supreme Court where we should be able to get an unbiased decision.
Liberal judges should fly around in ever diminishing circles until they fly up their own butts and disappear!!