SANCTUARY SHUFFLE: Philly Mayor DANCES to Celebrate ‘Sanctuary City’ Ruling | Sean Hannity

The Democrat Mayor of Philadelphia couldn’t hide his happiness after a federal judge ruled against the Trump administration this week; dancing to celebrate the court’s decision that officially labeled Philly a “Sanctuary City.”

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Pathetic.President Trump should not stop on these sanctuary cities.Regardless of judge’s decision.Judge was probably liberal anyway.

Some day this will bite them all in the butts. Pretty infantile to be dancing around like that. I can’t wait for Trump’s patience to weAR OUT. I’m waiting for that stinger to come up and nail everyone. If it were me, I’d have all their asses on a platter

Take It To The SCOTUS And Let Them Make The FINAL Judgement. ILLEGAL ALIENS Must Be DEPORTED.
Sanctuary For Illegal Aliens Is Against Federal Law And Our Constitution! One Day Mr. Old Man Mayor I Will Dance When The Supreme Court Sticks Your Sanctuary City UP Where The Sun Can’t Shine!

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Trump should just ignore this ruling. Tell the world that no judge has the authority to decide what money goes where. Since the constitution clearly lays that out, good luck with your appeal mr. liberal judge.

I don’t know why, but we have seen this before where a liberal federal judge, commonly appointed by the odbamanator has made these liberal supported positions. This has to be taken to the Supreme Court, it is unconstitutional. How is it that a so called federal judge can ignore our laws and our Constitution?