SANCTUARY INSANITY: Police Union Says NYC Officials ‘HIDING’ Alleged MS-13 Murderer from the Public

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A high-ranking police union boss blasted New York City officials Thursday for “shielding” an alleged MS-13 murderer from the public; asking “Why would you hide him from the media?”

The NYPD officially charged Ramiro Gutierrez -a Salvadorian national residing in the country illegally- for fatally shooting another man on a crowded NYC subway platform in the borough of Queens.

“Why would you hide him from the media? It makes it more suspicious,” said Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins. “The perception of hiding him from the public raises questions … How do you say that there’s transparency when you do things like this?”

The murder comes as President Trump and congressional leaders struggle to reach a bipartisan deal that would provide billions of dollars for border security; a move the Commander-in-Chief says is vital for national security and safety.

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