Sanctuary Cities, Good? Or Bad?

I want them to go home to their own countries. Willingly, if possible, otherwise if not.

I want to not pay federal or state income taxes, yet still live without fear of being charged for tax evasion.

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I’m guessing you are for open borders?

If they are here illegally (1st law broken), then they cannot legally work (2nd law broken). If they submit paperwork showing they are here legally, or are a citizen and able to work (3rd law broken). Just showing they can not make an honest buck if they are here illegally.

And if the employers hire them knowing they are illegal, then the business is violating federal law.


No point of disagreement there.

You’re so oppressed.

Yeah, illegals getting cheaper tuition than actual citizens. ■■■■ the citizens, let’s bow to the illegals.

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I’m jealous of your ability to envy people that don’t have ■■■■■

Well it’s not a completely honest buck. They are working under the table.

We are importing in millions of people who cannot speak the language, effectively having to prop everyone up with tax dollars. At the same time the smartest people in the country are having to pay so much in taxes that they are putting off having children.

Were effectively dumbing down the country.

Sign me up for that too.

Now a lib will try the “they pay taxes” ploy.

Not having to work is a luxury that few can afford. The illegals have that luxury.

I want illegals to go home, get in line, and come back legally.

You say that as if they actually intend to solve the problem. They don’t.

They are not kidding it is very expensive to raise a child today especially for those paying off massive student loan debt. It will likely get to a point where the only people who have children in America are the wealthy and the welfare:

Ironically there is a movie about that we’re a person of low intelligence travels to the future and the gene pool has been driven down so much he’s the smartest man on earth.

Why do so many people hold such strong opinions about sanctuary cities without even remotely understanding what they are?

Who is more likely to report gang violence?

An illegal immigrant who will get deported if they do, or an illegal immigrant who won’t get deported if they do?

The movie is called Idiocracy, and he’s not a man of low intelligence. He (Luke Wilson) is a man of exactly average intelligence, as is Mya Rudolph. That’s a major plot point.

Very few immigrants came to this country already speaking English unless they came from England.