Sanctuary Cities, Good? Or Bad?

Sanctuary Cities protect illegal immigrants. So if you have a brand new car with full coverage, and an illegal immigrant totals your brand new car, with no insurance. Guess what you’re getting back?

Democrats Support open borders. Open borders help support the drug epidemic in this country such as heroin(with needles) and crack cocaine. With the open borders come gangs, and violence of innocent people. Killings, murders, and rapists. But the Democrats don’t want to talk about such things, nor do they seem to think that there is hardly anything wrong with people coming and going through the border as they please?

What about terrorists organizations? Do you think that 9-11 would have happened if we had a border wall up, and tighter security on the border, and tighter laws to be able to get into America? If the Democrats retake the majority, Conservatism will be destroyed, and Anarchy from the far left Activists will reign free!

How much money are going to sactuary cities, and why? Why are they getting any money at all? Is it Americans job to pay for the well being of everyone else around the world? The Democrats seem to think so. Where is that money coming from? I can guarantee you that it’s not coming from the Democrat senators own pockets!!!

They’re great…if you’re an illegal alien?

Or a Terrorist. Also Illegal immigrants that are in gangs.

It would be the same with a legal immigrant or a citizen.

what recourse do you have if the person has no insurance?


In my mind sanctuary cities are magnets for illegal aliens, along with all of the problems that entails. I feel for citizens who live in those cites having to foot the bill for this LW lunacy.

I live with illegals here in Dover, no biggie.

they are like every other ■■■■ sapiens on the planet Earth, so good, some bad some in between.


yeah there are gangs here at the Dover Train Station,

work gangs, trying to make an honest buck.


Lucky for us. no ms-13 gang members.


If they were trying to make an honest buck, they’d do so in their home country.

It can be even worse than that, when an illegal alien driving a truck loaded with produce runs a red light and smashed into a car killing everyone inside.

Sanctuary cities are horribly bad. You let in people you don’t know, and then because of your politics, your city won’t call ICE if they are arrested by LEO. It’s a giant magnet for unsavory people who want to hide under the radar and avoid local law enforcement, and even from the wanted posters back in their country of origin.

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Funny how these people are always described as wonderful, industrious, inventive, hard working entrepreneurs… but just not in their home country, which is a ■■■■ hole.

if you lived in a ■■■■ hole country, with no real means to feed and take care of your family, with an ineffective government that could not keep you and your family safe, would you just stay there? Or would you do anything you could to provide and protect you family? (excluding any violence)

And if you left, and went to a country that gave you the opportunity to make a better life for you and your family, how would you feel about that country?

It makes no sense to have sanctuary cities and immigration laws. A sanctuary city says enter the US on a tourist visa and then come to be a valued member of our community.
Why even have laws that tell how to become a resident legally? It just means having to fill out more paper work.
Don’t tell me you are for sanctuary cities but not for open borders. If you do, you are lying.

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So now it’s ok to call them ■■■■ hole countries? I thought we couldn’t say that. I remember you being rather indignant about that phrase.

I would respect that country, provided they knew who I was and why I was there. But that would involve going through the proper channels, not just saying ■■■■■ you” to that country and doing whatever the hell I want.

That’s what I don’t get. If amnesty passes, or pathway to citizenship, whatever the hell they’re calling it now, then being in the country illegally needs to be felony with immediate deportation. Otherwise in 20 or 30 years we’ll be right back in the same spot.

I do not recall being that offended by that term. Some of them are ■■■■ hole countries, mostly due to their governments.

There is a process for those seeking asylum. The vast majority of immigrants coming here, simply want to be able to provide a safe place for their families, with the opportunity to provide for their families. And are willing to do ■■■■ jobs to make that happen.

If you look at our history, nearly every time there has been a wave of immigrants, the people that were already here, as former immigrants, almost always did not want them to enter. For the same reasons people claim today.

Yet, we became one of the most successful countries in history, by accepting the multitudes of diverse cultures and people wanting to call America home.

5 cents and hour vs $10.00 an hour.

Yeah its close.

@Mountain_Soldier better go back and take remedial econ 101.

you go where the money is.

why do you think the okies went to callie in the 30’, their health?


So just ■■■■ the laws as long as it’s in search for money? Good to know.

I want illegals to report crime without retaliation. I want them to seek treatment in hospitals so we don’t have outbreaks of communicable disease.


Come on man, that’s crazy talk.

/sarcasm off