San Franpoopfull...Mayor won't stop people using street as toilet

In the real news…

Another article on the wonderful streets of San Francisco after decades of dem rule. The current mayor was asked how they would clean up all the poop,and stop people from just going on the street, but she had no real plan.

"The report centered around a 153-block survey of downtown, which, according to the report, “revealed trash on every block, 100 needles and more than 300 piles of feces along the 20-mile stretch of streets and sidewalks.”

Talk about a slice of Norman Rockwell’s America.

After the report aired, NBC caught up with newly elected San Francisco mayor, London Breed, and asked her what she plans on doing to combat this emerging public health crisis. Breed told the ■■■■■■■ Network that she is working with homeless advocacy organizations that receive funding from the city to better educate the homeless to stop trashing the city.

Dems run things so well… I wonder how long until they have a cholera outbreak.


But don’t worry, I sure they are working on outlawing plastic straws… So, dangerous…


In reality, what is SF going to do? Fine the homeless? Put them in jail?

I was in San Fran 2 years ago and visited Pier 49 (or whatever number the famous shopping one was). My endearing memory was using one of the restrooms and seeing multiple overflowing needle containers yet there being no paper towels or toilet paper.

Beautiful city from a distance but absolutely filthy and disgusting up close.

What would the op do

Stop enabling them and encouraging them to congregate. Homeless people aren’t stupid, they will go where they are welcomed and encouraged to live with free handouts and strict rules that punish people for trying to drive them away. If they stop enabling the homeless wouldn’t congregate and spread out which make cleaning up after them far easier since it would be spread across the whole state instead of congregating. Yes every city has homeless but some like San Fran and Seattle have it far worse because of homeless enabling policies.

Makes me grateful I live in an area with near fullproof homeless deterrent called winter. They all migrate south for half the year nad the few that migrate back during the summer are manageable.

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so what stop helping homeless people will end homelessness?

that city is going to implode. the cost of living there does not equal the quality.

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The cost of living is high because people are paying it. It will not implode.

The poop really has hit the Fran


All bubbles burst if history is a guide, we have a massive bubble here in Seattle as well so I am not wishing anything bad on San Fran

but will people continue to pay it? Don’t get me wrong; I love SF. Its my 3rd favorite city on the west coast.

Is what happening really a bubble or just the ebb and flow of the tech industry. Something that 15 years ago was centered 20 or 30 miles south has pushed wider. The viewing of tech/IT in bubble terms is false. It has it’s ebbs and flows like other industries, it’s nuances’ just aren’t recognized as such because people are still thinking in the old paradigm.

Supply and demand. Not that hard.

I’m saying places like San Fran and Seattle have gone too far in well meaning gestures that ultimately do more harm than good which has lured many homeless from other places there and then they stay.

In my world where I was king I’d bring back mental institutions in a big way. At least half if not more of your street homeless are several mentally ill and self medicating with drugs and alcohol. It is more humane to leave them free but on the streets where they will be victims of crime, largely from each other, or to put them in institutions where they won’t be addicted and can receive treatment for their mental illness? Not all will accept the treatment or want to be medicated but its still more humane to given them a safe place to live and 3 meals a day, even if it means a loss of freedom then turning them loose to wallow on the streets. A few will actually get their illness under control and might become useful members of society again. None of that will ever happen in places like San Fran and Seattle.

San Fran and Seattle’s problem is they are all about enabling the homeless to live on the streets and encouraging them to come there while doing nothing to actually fix the reason they are homeless. This in turn punishes the non homeless living there since they have to deal with the filth left behind.

Homelessness is a minor, though visible, issue in a very successful city. It’s cost of living is proof of that.

I love San Francisco. Like any big city, it has its share of crazy. Still love it. It would be a dream to live there, because it’d mean I’m a millionaire. And I’d be living in San Francisco.

The market right now is in the biggest bull run since WW2, the Dow has quadrupled in 9 years. Tech stocks like Netflix have doubled in three years. I am not sure when it will happen, who knows maybe will see Dow 30,000 first but I think if there is any real serious bad news the air could come screaming out of the market very fast.

I am not hoping for it btw.

Good question. The Mayor needs to get with Pelosi, Weinstein, Waters, and her other of the State’s Leaders, the homeless of California are their problem too.

I loled.