San Francisco Restaurant asks on duty police officers to leave because they were armed

The Engineer of course. :sunglasses:

Is this a case of engineer bias? :smiley:


I was thinking more along the lines of Engineering superiority, but that works. lol

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Progs are taught to say things like

“I felt confused and afraid”. They say it in the presence of our flag, or if they see police, or around white men.

It’s like a child acting ridiculously terrified if told to eat their spinach.

Other progs fall for it.


:rofl: Oh my goodness, an unrepentant engineer supremacist.

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Hopefully, there are plenty of restaurants in the area that will step up and invite the officers to dine in their establishments. The owners just made a bonehead move as people now know the police will probably not be dining there. Guess the staff will feel more comfortable with all the trouble that just got invited their way.

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Yeah, not a smart move.

Having been both… the technician will get out of the first one sooner because he is likely carrying tools in his many pockets. But the engineer will design into all subsequent “bags” an emergency exit button.

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Welcome to my world.

Heh. That’s a good one

These people are morons and deserve any and every criminal act that happens to their business. ■■■■ ‘em

Customers who feel unsafe around armed law abiding citizens are weirdos too, imo.

A lot of people open carry. I do it too sometimes when I’m in my home town. I’ve gotten weird looks before and I don’t understand it.

Not in California

That’s true it is basically illegal.

Pretty sad.

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I wouldn’t eat there regardless…never know what they would do with your food.

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It’s illegal here in Florida to open carry as well regardless of possession of a valid CCWP. Lots of people really need to read the applicable laws.
To the point of the OP. these are uniformed LEOs. The owners, mgmt and staff of this dump really are idiots.

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I could see someone being uneasy around individuals who aren’t LEOs who are armed. Simple reason is you don’t know that person or what they may be up to.

Sounds like they would do it again, so the apology is a lie…

It’s none of your business. How do you know what cops are up to?

That’s absolutely true, it’s none of my business (or yours) to control who someone else may or may not feel uneasy around.