San Francisco Restaurant asks on duty police officers to leave because they were armed

Three uniformed, on duty officers were denied service and asked to leave the local restaurant because the owners claim the fact that the officers were armed made the staff uncomfortable. The owners would not say if they would, or would not, deny service to armed officers in the future.

I guess they don’t realize that those weapons are part of an officer’s duty uniform. I also guess they don’t want police officers to enter their business if a problem happens, since armed officers make the staff uncomfortable.

San Francisco restaurant that kicked out cops says it ‘handled this badly,’ won’t rule out doing it again

That sucks.

Probably for the restaurant… First they just advertised to the criminal element that the restaurant is a no cop zone. And cops are not allowed to leave their weapons behind when on duty.

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Second, I suspect response times will suck.


I would assume the criminal element of CA would be more welcome there? Maybe their staff would be comfortable with that?


Customers who felt uncomfortable around armed police are kind of weirdos.

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It could be that the staff associated uniformed police with INS, DEA, US Marshall’s warrant apprehension team…

One will never know.

I was wondering if this was gonna make it here.

The restaurant has already apologized, BTW.

It was their staff.

Hope their staff never needs an officer for any kind of help. They will slow walk that request like nobody’s business.

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And said they are only welcome back off duty, out of uniform and without their weapons.

Talk about a back handed “apology”.


This is one of those “we feel bad about how it may affect our business traffic, we feel bad about how it makes us look, but not about what we did.” In other words not sorry for doing it, just sorry about how it will now have a negative business impact.


No code, 5 under the speed limit, longest route.


Okay, so I looked at their web site. They are making it sound and look like a high end joint. But it is far away from the tourist traffic in a neighborhood where you would want the Police hanging out. These gals made a huge mistake.

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Maybe they took the wrong lesson from their college diversity, inclusion and equity course.


As I have said before, I don’t care how much education a person has, you can’t fix stupid.


Preach it for all to hear. Just because someone put it in a lesson plan did not make it true and just because someone memorized it did not make them any smarter.

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I had a career working in high tech with a lot of folks who had the highest degrees. And the majority of them had PhD’s in the sciences. And I was always amazed how many of them had no street smarts at all. And I was always of the opinion that you put a technician and a engineer in the same bag and I will bet you who gets out first.

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They can probably even bring their hypodermic syringes and shoot up, leaving them any & everywhere.

Can probably even poop on the floor when they leave.

I just hope the manager doesn’t call SFPD if one of their patrons gets unruly.

That isn’t getting undone.

I don’t know about anyone else but I like it when an armed NYC police officer is in line at Dunkin’ that I patronize.

Guess San Francisco doesn’t have the same feeling that this liberal does.