SAN FRAN SCHEME: City Aims to BAN COMPANY CAFETERIAS to Prop Up Failing Restaurants | Sean Hannity

At least two San Francisco city supervisors are introducing legislation that would ban new company cafeterias throughout the region; hoping to shore up “failing restaurants” near major office buildings.

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What the Government City & State Offical’s Remind me of is trying to act the Pied Piper story book leading their people into things that end up hurting the people by trying to bring Socialist ideas to them that never work.and making life harder on them. People Better wake up and stop this madness that they are being pushed against them.

So the city of San Francisco wants to regulate private businesses by telling them what benefits they cannot offer their own employees?

Let’s see how well that works when those companies decide to relocate, maybe just outside the city of San Francisco, & employees may or may not be able to commute for various reasons.

The “Affordable” Care Act has worked out so well.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:. ■■■■ regulating private health insurance & other benefits.

Wait a minute. I thought the libs were for socialism, a/k/a “free” stuff - as in free lunches. NOW they’re for capitalism? I’m getting whip lash!

I wonder if the guys eating at their office cafeterias realize they have to pay income tax on all that “free” food.