SAN FRAN CHAOS: Homeless Take Shelter at CITY AIRPORTS as Housing Crisis Escalates

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Residents of San Francisco continued to struggle with the region’s escalating housing crisis this week, with officials saying they’ve seen a “surge” of transients at the city’s international airports.

“Officials at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) are evaluating how to best address the growing issue of homeless people taking shelter in the air hub, the latest challenge stemming from the northern California city’s homeless crisis,” reports Fox News.

“We might make SamTrans tokens available to them. We might, if they’re eligible, transport them to a nearby homeless shelter, if BART is still running we can give them a token to a BART train,” Yagel said of possible, immediate resolutions.

“Ultimately we want to develop advocacy that finds the proper channels for these individuals,” he continued. “So, we’re starting to reach out to homeless advocacy in San Mateo County. We’re looking to set up something with the city of San Francisco as well.”

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